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Joy and the Anandamaya Kosha

Photo by Deva Darshan

We made it to the fifth innermost layer, the Anandamaya Kosha! Known as the “bliss body" where the veil is finest between our individual self and the unity of creation. In this subtlest of bodies, we experience a deep connection with all beings and free ourselves from our own suffering. While it's rarely experienced on a day to day basis, it always exists within us.

There is perfect harmony here between the physical reality and spiritual bliss. Imagine yourself in physical form experiencing a deep and continual embrace with the divine. This experience occurs during or after deep meditations, or prayer in fleeting moments of Devine realization. It's so unfamiliar that one may not recognize it when it happens. When we are in this layer, we are filled with wisdom, joy, happiness and love for all. We are able to forgive on all levels and wipe away anger, sadness, or loneliness with ease and grace. Suddenly we are fearless and full of courage and light. The most important thing for most is to remember this layer exists. When we are living in fear, anger, impatience, hurt, jealousy, or loneliness that is when we need this inner knowing and often it's when it's the most difficult to find.

We need to tend to the first four kosha's, Annamaya (good food, clean water, and nature), pranamaya (fill with conscious breath, movement, and light), manomaya (honor and rest for renewal), and befriend Vjnanamaya as a trusted inner guide. Develop a safe and sacred channel within the mind and body to receive bliss allowing it to flow freely without attachment or longing. o ground ourselves for this final and fifth layer to surface. Without the first four layers, the fifth layer is power without a purpose, unable to create change in the physical world because it has no connection the physical world. The various tools and yoga provide everything one needs to find out way.


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