Ease into the days of summer with Yoga on the Go at a Gentle Yoga class geared towards enhancing range of motion, flexibility, and deep relaxation. Most poses are held for a longer duration while seated or lying down to open, lengthen, elongate the body, and connect to the breath. 

May 22nd Private Group
9:30 AM - June 10th at Cresent Moon in Williams Bay
June 18th Private Group
9:30 AM - June 24th Lake Geneva Library  [registration now open & free)
9:30 AM - July 15th Lake Geneva Library
Saturday, July 23rd Lucky Break Acres
9:30 AM - July 29th Cresent Moon in Williams Bay
9:30 AM - August 12th Lake Geneva Library
Saturday, August 20th Lucky Break Acres

Yoga mats and props are provided by the instructor or if you're interested in purchasing your own yoga equipment please visit our affiliate page for a recommended list of yoga mats & equipment!


My SO Creative Yoga on the Go online waiver would need to be completed by each guest before the start of class and here's the link: