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JANUS: Music for Good to Raise Funds for Open Arms Clinic on May 2nd at Oakfire

You may know David Scotney as the owner of Oakfire in Lake Geneva - their specialty is Neapolitan-style pizzas, but you may not know that David is also the lead singer of JANUS, a rock band that got its start in Chicago.

David has created a way to give back through his passion - music. MUSIC FOR GOOD is a label Scotney designed to combine philanthropy of all kinds with compelling music from various kinds of artists. MUSIC FOR GOOD will release each single to benefit and draw awareness to a different cause. MUSIC FOR GOOD will be signing deals with various artists who want to give a voice and awareness to a cause of their choosing. The MUSIC FOR GOOD record deal will not tie down the individual artist, but simply allow them the opportunity to license one song to the label that will lead their mission with all profits from the song going directly to their cause. This label is a non-profit operation and fully philanthropic. Coming aboard upon launch as a partner is SamaritanMag – a music-heavy news site about good people trying to change bad things. With advice from SamaritanMag founder and longtime music journalist Karen Bliss, MUSIC FOR GOOD hopes to amplify the good works they are doing. “MUSIC FOR GOOD is right up my alley. Running Samaritanmag, I have found no shortage of people making a difference, and using the skills they have to do so. Nowhere is this more evident than in the music business, whether it’s through an artist’s songs or using their platform to raise awareness or funds for a cause. I’m certain David will have no trouble finding artists to release and causes that need attention and funds during this rather odd time in modern history, where the self-absorbed seem to be getting as much attention as the selfless." Scotney is proud to kick off the label’s release schedule with a song of his own and a cause dear to his heart. The first single to be released via MUSIC FOR GOOD is a re-imagining of the song, "Drive" by the Cars. Listening to the lyrics on a different level, Scotney found the song fit his intent for the label’s debut. “Once I started looking into the actual lyrics and particularly the original music video it became clear to me the intent behind the song was about mental health and someone trying to reach out to someone struggling." "I started to identify with the song on a new level because of my own struggle to support a family member who struggles with bipolar disorder.” Scotney's first cause to support is the destigmatizing of Bipolar Disorder. “I chose bipolar disorder awareness because it’s something my family has personal experience in dealing with and something that I was totally unprepared for in terms of knowing how to support a family member with the condition. I see this as a huge opportunity to shine a light on the topic and get people talking about it. It’s a disorder that doesn’t get properly diagnosed and is often mistreated. It’s already started to move the needle in terms of what I’m hoping to accomplish with the word beginning to spread. People I have shared this with typically end up sharing their own story about someone they know.” MUSIC FOR GOOD will be working nationally with the JED Foundation, an organization that promotes mental health and suicide prevention, to spread awareness and acceptance, and Oakfire will host a Single Release Fundraiser at 6:30 pm on Thursday, May 2nd to benefit Open Arms Free Clinic locally. “Drive” will be released on May 3, 2019 via MUSIC FOR GOOD, with distribution via oneRPM.


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