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Reflection and Awakened Awareness

Photo taken along the Shore Path in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

This week we're reviewing the Vijnanamaya Kosha which is less distinct than thoughts and is described from a spiritual sense as perception without judgement. This kosha is sometimes called the "wisdom body." It is said that it's in this layer that we are provided the ability to love, forgive, choose, and evolve rather than being like robots reacting to stimuli from the outside world.

While it's more subtle that the three prior layers, it has great influence on our wellbeing and for practicing yogi's it's nourished through the foundation of yoga known as the Yamas and Niyamas. The Yamas and Niyamas are a yogi's moral code of discipline which we will be covering in future blogs. The layer, Vijnanamaya Kosha is where we're able to recognize our ability to help or hurt others and see the impact we have on our surroundings. It's like zooming out and seeing how vast our connections can be.

Ignoring the Vihnanamaya can lead to reactions being made from encounters with the outside world and the denial of a much larger truth. One of the symptoms is a lack of connection and it's recommended to slow down and become aware of where we are on autopilot and how that has caused yourself or others to suffer. It is from here that we can also begin to evolve and make revisions, allowing ourselves to become more adaptable, effective and friendly.

To build awareness in and awaken - try setting aside some time to practice self-study and consider the spiritual truths that form the bases of your beliefs and actions in the world. Through a deep exploration of our spiritual path (it doesn't matter what the path might be), we can begin to use and refine our moral compass. Through reflection of our own spiritual processes, beliefs, and resources, we can become clear on the gifts that we bring to the world and how to deliver them. It's believed that through awareness and energy in this layer that we become more than just thinking bodies, and part of evolution.


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