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Willow Design: The Artfully Imperfect Designers

Photographer: Megan Swederski Photography

With more than a decade of experience under her designer belt, Brittney Jeters (soon to be Brittney Strathmann) has a variety of ideas and inspiration up her sleeve.

In 2007, she began her career in creative outlets ranging from home decor, retail and fashion merchandising, event planning, to working in a floral shop. It would only be a matter of time before Brittney's philosophy to keep reaching led her to take on designing and creating floral arrangements for weddings. Floral design captured her detail-loving heart, leading Brittney to branch out on her own. In 2017, the Walworth native, who now resides in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, launched Willow Design, a floral design company (

I had the pleasure of meeting Brittney when planning my own wedding in 2013. We were hosting a tented wedding in our backyard, and for inspiration I used cream laced table linens given to me by my husband's grandmother. I was going for a nature-inspired, organic, and whimsical vibe for my floral arrangements. The floral team showed excitement about my vision, understood my style, confidently answered all my questions, and brought the vision to life.

Brittney has a well known superpower for thinking "outside of the box" and can be heard dropping Don Draper quotes such as, "keep it simple, but significant" to direct her team on point. Willow Design offers, "bespoken florals" and has a personal flair for incorporating greens that always look organic and free flowing when suitable.

Last year the company orchestrated its first Bridal Show at Boxed and Burlap in Delavan, designing the style and layout for the program, and Brittney has also helped mentor younger entrepreneurs like herself. Similar to the "urban definition" of Willow, Brittney has a way of making you smile and warms your heart. A natural "do-gooder," this gal has a bubbly personality that's contagious. When asked about her greatest accomplishments or someone who's changed her life, she attributes her growth to support given to her by her life-long friend, Mike Fryar, who helped get the business side of Willow Design off the ground.

For 2019, Willow Design anticipates astounding "installs," eclectic arches, and lots of texture trending in weddings and events. Willow Design knows how to curate experiences. From concept, to celebration, to conclusion, they're in touch with the details to ensure memorable moments.

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